Nurse for Medical Office


I am looking to hire an LPN or RN full time to work directly with me in my concierge internal medicine practice. Candidates should have an attentive manner and a desire to provide care in a patient-centric, internal medical practice. Phlebotomy skills are required as well. If you feel limited in your current role, and/or you feel like you are smart, focused, like to work hard, are timely to work, and are a self-starter, you should keep reading.

I am looking for a top-notch medical office nurse and I am willing to pay well for excellence.

Alicia Cunningham, MD


Interact with patients in a positive, friendly manner. Follow through on completing tasks in a timely way. Communicate with Dr. Cunningham about assigned tasks and patient messages. Have a positive attitude and the ability to self-direct. Always arrive at work on time.


  • Blood draws. (Phlebotomy experience is required.)
  • Vital sign collection.
  • EKG.
  • Assistance with minor office-based procedures, under the direction of Dr. Cunningham.
  • Vaccine administration and vaccine program management.
  • Emailing/calling patients, primarily about scheduling.
  • Answer phone calls from patients and other providers.
  • Communicating with specialty doctors' offices about referrals.
  • Communicating with pharmacies.
  • Ordering supplies as directed by Dr. Cunningham.
  • Prior authorizations.
  • Faxing, scanning, and copying.
  • Assistance with work-site patient care which may include being on-site for blood draws.
  • Additional job responsibilities may be added.


  • Must have phlebotomy skills.
  • Must have excellent computer skills, including Microsoft Word, some Excel, Internet including Google search, and Gmail/Email skills. (The first step of the interview process will be a test in this area. If your computer skills are not good, this is not the right fit, as almost all the internal systems that my practice uses are digital).
  • Must have ability to research problems and find solutions using your own initiative.
  • Must have access to transportation as from time to time work is done at other business sites in the Lake Champlain region.


  • This position will begin at median experience-adjusted salary levels for Chittenden County.
  • Based on excellent performance, potential for yearly salary increases.
  • Substantial contribution to retirement plan.

Non-monetary benefits

  • Your personal initiative is highly valued and immediately meaningful to patients and me (This is not a big, anonymous system for which you'll be working.)
  • Being part of the most exciting, effective health care model in Vermont.
  • Getting to know patients personally. This is not treadmill-triage style medicine; we have plenty of time to care for patients and to get to know them as people.
  • No office politics.

Procedure for applying

  • Submit a resume in PDF format to
  • Write a separate cover letter specific to this position and explain what makes you stand out from other applicants. What is unique about you that I need to know? In addition, include in your cover letter at least one paragraph explaining a problem you've solved or a situation you've corrected in the past couple of years, and how you went about it. Submit this cover letter as a PDF as well, to the same email address above.

Alicia Cunningham MD, PLLC is an equal opportunity employer.