Patient Testimonials

We couldn't be more pleased with our decision to join the practice of Dr. Alicia Cunningham. Alicia is there for you. We've had several immediate health needs, and Alicia is very responsive by phone or email. It has been so helpful to get excellent care or medical advice right away. Alicia is very professional and knowledgeable yet very down-to-earth. She really cares about her patients. With the standard system, what is missing is the relationship. We are certain that we will receive the best health care by having a doctor who knows us well. We feel that we have the best of both worlds: the care of the old-time family doctor plus the best knowledge and expertise of current medicine.
Chuck and Betty, South Burlington

Dr. Alicia Cunningham is the physician everyone deserves but no one actually has. With either her deep and broad skill set or her excellent communication she would already be the best physician I've ever had... that she has both is what makes her so very special.

Through her practice, Dr. Cunningham has created a system that enables her to practice medicine in a way that actually provides real care. She is both generous with her time during visits and follows up after appointments unsolicited. As her patient, I value not only her substantial efforts but also her intellectual strength and powerful curiosity. As such, my trust in her requires no leap of faith. Where my needs have required a nuanced and finessed understanding of science, I could not imagine being in better hands.

Perhaps rarest of all, in what has become the bizarre theatre of specialized modern medicine, she actually cares about my health. In turn, it inspires me to become a more healthful person. Simply having access to such a powerful ally as Dr. Cunningham provides a feeling of relief for me that is almost as meaningful as the world class care itself. I could not be more fortunate to be in her care.
Jared, Burlington VT

I wanted the medical care I remember as a child. A doctor my family knows, who knows us and has the time to care about us as people.

My husband and I have been juggling kids and careers for 24 years. We have busy, full lives. So do our young adult children so time is precious to us. Today getting medical attention or consultation often means sitting in a waiting room for up to an hour, to be seen for 10 minutes. We work hard, play hard, including travel (two of our young adult "kids" live in other countries for work and school), and we wanted to know that we have access to a doctor who could support us the way we need to be supported, in person, on the phone from an airport, from another country, email for everyday maintenance needs, whatever it takes. And to know that in a time of critical need there is someone coordinating the health care system for the best outcome. Concierge medicine is built to flex to the patient. And Alicia proves it with her experience, knowledge and flexibility of schedules and communications. Best medical decision we ever made for our family.
Deb, St. Albans VT

I recently selected Dr. Alicia Cunningham as my primary care practitioner and I couldn't be more pleased with my decision. Dr. Cunningham is everything I had hoped for. Trained at Harvard Medical School, she's extremely knowledgeable, thorough, thoughtful and best of all - available whenever I need her. Never again will I wait days or even weeks for an appointment.
Jeffrey, Charlotte VT

Choosing Dr. Cunningham for my healthcare needs was the best decision I could make. Not only is she available to me at a moment's notice, the care and attention I get during my visit is unparalleled. No more 15 minute sound bytes of medical care as outlined by local healthcare institutions. My last visit was for an annual, and not only did she spend an hour and a half with me, she performed an EKG that was included in the cost of my yearly fee.

For the same price as one family dinner out a month, not only do I receive the most attentive care possible, my two college age children are included as well. During a recent visit home by my 23 year old daughter, I notice her labored breathing. She had suffered from asthma as a child, so naturally I was concerned. We called Dr. Cunningham and she told us to come right in. She spent almost an hour with my daughter and diagnosed a lung infection. With the proper antibiotics, she could head back to school completely healed. The part that impressed her the most was the follow up e-mail in two days from Dr. Cunningham to see how she was feeling.

In my previous experience with health care, not only would we have had to wait for care, not only would it probably have been with someone we didn't know, there would never have been the personalized connection we received. I am getting the kind of care now that I remember from my youth; individualized, timely and continual. No more Russian Roulette as to wether or not I see MY doctor. No more waiting for appointments. I now have a one-on-one relationship with the person responsible for my healthcare needs who is accessible to me at all times through phone and e-mail. Dr. Cunningham cares for the whole you, not just the physical shell. She has time to listen to concerns and fears that may impact your well being. She plans group outings for physical activity. For less than $150 a month I now have what I consider to be amazing health care.
Sharon, Burlington VT

I have been a patient of Dr. Cunningham for about three years and remained a patient when she started her Concierge Medical practice earlier this year. She was always a thorough, thoughtful, highly skilled and caring doctor but with her concierge practice it has made visits so much more convenient. Plus the ability to communicate with her via email or cell phone always results in prompt responses, usually later the same day. What a difference from a traditional practice where it is virtually impossible to speak with your doctor due to their heavy patient load and "layers" of staff you need to go through and explain what medical problems you are experiencing two or three times. Since we are all busy another much appreciated aspect of her practice is my appointments are always on time and I never feel rushed.

I would imagine this type of personal care and ease of communication with Dr. Cunningham is what it was like in years past with a small town "family doctor."
Doug, Colchester VT

I feel so fortunate that Dr. Cunningham is my physician. Well-respected by her peers and expertly trained, Dr. Cunningham has provided me with a level of care that listens to my concerns, addresses my health needs, and understands my busy professional schedule. Under her care, she has provided me with a health solution to a problem that has plagued me for nearly 30 years. She has honestly changed my life!

Concierge Medicine is a refreshing departure from the current direction of medical care. Instead of seeing whichever physician is scheduled to be in on any given day and needing to repeat my entire medical history every time I go into the office, before I can even get to what is bothering me and prompting the office visit, Dr. Cunningham knows me and can help right away. As a result, office visits are focused on current problems and not about "getting familiar" with my file.

Moreover, I can contact Dr. Cunningham with my health questions via email and get a quick response, saving me from unnecessary trips to her office. My test results come to me quickly via email, no more waiting for phone calls! It is so refreshing to be in the care of a professional that understands how to address my health concerns in the most efficient way possible.

With Dr. Cunningham, excellent care is truly accessible!
Ting, Ferrisburgh VT

What's so great about Dr. Cunningham's concierge medical practice is how she is able to be available and in touch with me. I've e-mailed her when I was traveling in another city about a prescription and was able to get an e-mail back with an answer right away. It's so much easier and effective. I am able to be in real communication with her about what's happening with me and what she recommends. It is reassuring to feel that I have a doctor who knows me and my history and truly cares about what the best course of action should be for me. She takes the time to listen and understand. I don't feel like I get lost in the shuffle.
Lisa, Burlington VT

I started seeing Dr. Cunningham while she was still at the Fletcher Allen and felt that we had built a relationship and didn't want to find another doctor when she decided to strike out on her own. The individualized treatment and recognition that everybody needs personalized attention has made this the best relationship I have ever had with my primary care physician. I feel that I am working with a very thoughtful and experienced peer instead of a doctor who barely remembers me and doesn't know what is happening with my life. I wouldn't trade her attention to detail and humble warming personality for any other doctor. The icing on this cake is that she will work at your level, from technology (texting when needed) to the amount of time one needs in the office for face-to-face time.
Hannah, Essex Junction

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