Wellness & Prevention

"Though we can't articulate it, sometimes what we really need is not a doctor who delivers more care but one who seems to care more and has the time to make sure we understand what we need in order to be well." - p. 265, Shannon Brownlee, Overtreated

Got Wellness?

In a nutshell, you want your health to look like the dotted square line in the graph above, not the dashed line. Working on prevention and wellness affects your quality of health, not just your longevity.

By pro-actively tackling health problems ranging from inactivity and obesity to anxiety and depression, we can reduce health care costs, boost productivity, and increase quality of life.

Here are some things we'll focus on:
- Exercise regimen appropriate for your age.
- Eating correctly.
- Ways to form better habits.
- Mental health issues if appropriate.


Controlled studies now show definitively that concierge medicine does much better than traditional medicine preventing health problems. In a concierge practice like mine I have the time to focus on these issues with you, and we can be pro-active vs re-active.

Working on prevention has the side-benefit of saving both you and the system a lot of money, as it can reduce the number of specialists you see and hospitals you visit.