How my practice works.

To get started, or if you have questions: please contact me at 802-881-9019 or the email at the bottom of this page. If you would like to have an in-person informational meeting with me at no charge I am happy to do that with you.

The Basics

The fee schedule (full details here and fee considerations here):

Annual Fee: $2,300
Children ages 17 - 25: Free
Additional office visit co-pays or fees: None

You get the following services:

1. The time you need with the internal medicine doctor you trust. I am a board-certified internal medicine specialist and you will get my full attention. You will not see a physician's assistant. You will not see a nurse practitioner. You will see me, your doctor. Always. (Read more about this.)

2. No delay in reaching me. On-time appointments, prompt email and text response, and cell phone access.

3. Hours that fit your lifestyle. You work hard on the job and taking care of your family. Taking time to visit the doctor doesn't always fit into the 9-5 day. I have time slots available outside regular business hours.

4. Communication with you, and with anyone who worries about you. From your grown children to your spouse. With your permission, of course.

5. Proactive, preventative care. Not just colonoscopies and mammograms but a personal wellness plan so you can live a healthy life.

6. An unhurried doctor. I am not overwhelmed because I have fewer than one fourth of the patients of regular doctors.

7. No complicated billing. In general, you pay me one fee per year (there are charges for vaccines other than the flu shot, and a few other things if needed.) This means no complicated bills and no endless surcharges. These are so prevalent today Time Magazine wrote a 40,000 word cover story on them.

Click here to read about more advantages.

Why the fee?

There is a lot of talk about health care in the media. From my years taking care of people, I've learned that to provide better care, we must eliminate the high overhead of complex billing and reimbursement systems as well as 3rd-party mandates that make little sense but consume more and more of your doctor's time. By charging an affordable annual fee, I can focus only on you, the patient.

See a visual comparison of this health care choice.

Detailed fee explanation.

Do you still need your insurance?

Yes. Although I do not bill insurance for my services, I do work with insurance companies to ensure that your lab tests, imaging scans, medications, hospital visits, and specialist appointments are covered by insurance, per the terms of your insurance agreement.


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Other Information

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